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Essential Elvis Volume One Front Cover

Essential Elvis Volume One Back Cover

Essential Elvis Volume One


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Love Me Tender", "Let Me", "Poor Boy", "We're Gonna Move", "Loving You" (Unreleased Slow Version, Take 10), "Party" (Unreleased Version), "Hot Dog", "Teddy Bear", "Loving You" (Unreleased Fast Version, Takes 20-21), "Mean Woman Blues" (Alternate Film Version), "Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do" (Unreleased Version), "Loving You" (Unreleased Fast Version, Take 1), "Party", "Lonesome Cowboy", "Jailhouse Rock" (Unreleased With Vocal Overdub, Take 6), "Treat Me Nice" (Unreleased Version, Take 10), "Young and Beautiful" (Unreleased Version, Take 12), "Don't Leave Me Now" (Original Version, Take 12), "I Want To Be Free" (Original Version, Take
11), "Baby I Don't Care" (Original Version, Take 16), "Jailhouse Rock" (Unreleased Version, Take 5), "Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do", "Love Me Tender" (Unreleased Version)
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