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I Am Ace Anderson, The Founder And Owner Of ELVIS SPECIALTIES. I Have Been Collecting ELVIS PRESLEY RECORDS Since 1956. That Is When I First Heard Elvis Sing "That's All Right" On The Radio And I Was Hooked!! I Started Trading Elvis Records And Collectibles During The Late 60's Through The Early 70's

I Then Created


Your One Stop Elvis Shop

In 1976 And Began Selling Elvis Records And Collectibles Worldwide

On November 14, 1974 I Was Blessed With A Son. I Proudly Named Him

Elvis Aaron Anderson

I Am Proud Of This For Two Reasons:

I Named Him In Honor Of A Man That I Admire and Cherish

I Named My Son While Elvis Was Still With Us

Just Before The Matinee Show On June 27, 1976 At The Capitol Center, I Presented A Copy Of My Son's Birth Certificate To Kathy Westmoreland. I Told Her The Story And Asked Her If She Would Please Give It To Elvis. She Most Graciously Did When Elvis First Took The Stage. I Am Sure That Is The Reason Why Elvis Allowed Me To Spend Some Time With Him and His Group. He Said That He Was Very Honored That I Had Done Such A Noble Thing By Naming My Son "After Him"!!

Before I Left To Attend Elvis' Second Show That Night, He Took The TCB Necklace That He Was Wearing Off Of His Neck And Placed It Around My Neck. I Didn't Know What To Say As Tears Rolled Down My Face! I Sincerely Thanked Him And Then  Hugged Him. I Then Left His Suite And Went Down To My Car So I Could Attend His Evening Show.

I Have Been Promoting And Producing Various Entertainment Shows Across The Country Since 1977. I Entered The Entertainment Field After Meeting My IDOL



June 27, 1976

Some Advice That Elvis Gave Me Was

"Whatever Your Goals May Be, Perseverance Is The Key To Success"

I Last Spent Time With Elvis In May Of 1977. He Spent A Week In Baltimore From

May 22 To May 29, 1977

I Cherish The Times I Was With Him!! He Was Always A Kind And Compassionate Person!!

Over The Years, I Have Been Called Upon By RCA As A Consultant On Several Of Elvis' Albums. For Many Years I Worked Closely With Joan Deary In Los Angeles. I Also Worked On Several Elvis Projects In Nashville

I Am Proud To Say That Over The Years, I Have Become Close Personal Friends With A Lot Of The Same People That Elvis Choose As His Close Friends. They Include: Neal Matthews, Ray Walker, Gordon Stoker, Hoyt Hawkins, Duane West (The Jordanaires), D.J. Fontana, Ricky Nelson, J.D. Sumner, Eddie Fadal, George Klein, Richard Davis, Alan Fortes, Charlie Hodge, Dick Grob, Red West, Dr. George Nichopoulos, Ed Parker, Sean Shaver, Tom Hulett, Al Dvorin, Vernon Presley, Vester Presley, Clettes Presley, Patsy Presley, Harold Loyd, Janelle McCombe, Carl Perkins And Roy Orbison Among Others

I Have Been Promoting And Producing Various Entertainment Shows Around The Country, Working With Such Greats As Connie Francis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, The Jordanaires, Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich, J.D. Sumner And The Stamps Quartet, D.J. Fontana, Freddy Cannon, Lou Christie, Leslie Gore, Bobby Lewis And The Coasters Among Others

I Have Also Arranged And Produced Numerous Recording Sessions With Many Elvis Impersonators And Country Artists Using Many Of The Same Musicians And Singers That Worked With Elvis. If You Have That SPECIAL TALENT And Would Like To Record In Nashville, Give Me A Call

Some Of The Highlights Of My Career Are: I Was Given The Honor Of Producing And Promoting The First Major Show At The Then New Baltimore Convention Center. I Have Produced And Promoted Numerous Elvis Conventions Around The Country Including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida And Memphis. I Assisted In The Production Of A Show At The Showboat Casino-Hotel In Atlantic City, New Jersey In January, 1988, Which Was One Of The Most Successful Engagements For The Showboat Casino. I Have Also Produced And Promoted A Show For The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I Included As Guests Many Of Elvis' Friends And Confidants. I Was In Charge Of Preproduction, Production, Direction And Postproduction Of The Entire Project. This Cruise / Show Occurred In January, 1990 And Was Also One Of The Most Successful Shows That The Cruise Line Has Engaged

My Most Recent Project Was Producing A Television Special Devoted To Elvis. It Has Angered Me The Way Elvis Has Been Badgered And Ridiculed In The Different Media Formats. Through This Special, I Was Going To Show What A KIND And COMPASSIONATE Person He Was. I Was Also Going To Show What A Positive Influence Elvis Continues To Have On People Today!!! After Talking With Many Stars In Hollywood Including Casey Kasem, Roger Smith and Kurt Russell Among Others, All Agreed That It Was A Great Idea. UNFORTUNATELY, The Movers And Shakers In Hollywood Would Only Agree To Do It If I Changed It To A Negative Show Against Elvis. They Think That In Order For The Show To Be Successful, It Must Have False Accusations, Dirt And Trash. Needless To Say, I Don't Agree With That!! So, I Have Shelved This Project For Now. If Anyone In Hollywood Is Interested In Doing The TRUE STORY, Please Contact Me

Thanks For Your Interest


Ace Anderson

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